Jouez à Campground Tycoon sur PC, le tour est joué, pas à pas!

Jusqu'à présent, le succès de Campground Tycoon de Kawaii Game concerne uniquement les appareils mobiles et pas encore les ordinateurs classiques. Mais avec ce programme, vous pouvez déjà jouer à Campground Tycoon sur votre ordinateur aujourd'hui. Nous expliquerons dans un tutoriel simple comment installer l'application sur n'importe quel ordinateur.

Jouer à Campground Tycoon avec Bluestacks sur le PC

Campground Tycoon

Campground Tycoon

À l'aide d'un émulateur Android gratuit, ils peuvent continuer à lire l'application sur le PC. BlueStacks AppPlayer permet aux utilisateurs d'utiliser gratuitement toutes les applications destinées aux appareils mobiles. Depuis 2011, plus de 90 millions d'utilisateurs ont utilisé le logiciel. BlueStacks fonctionne Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 et Mac OS.

  1. Téléchargez gratuitement BlueStacks pour Windows et installez le programme.
  2. Après l’installation, vous pouvez vous connecter avec votre compte Google et accéder au Google Play Store.
  3. Il faut rechercher dans le Google Play Store 'Campground Tycoon'. L'application Android peut maintenant être facilement téléchargée et installée.
  4. Lancez l'application après l'installation et jouez comme sur votre smartphone.
Téléchargez les Bluestacks et commencez tout de suite Joue maintenant!
Si vous rencontrez des problèmes avec le lecteur de l'application BlueStacks, vous pouvez utiliser des alternatives telles que GenyMotion ou AndY. AndY est également gratuit et offre de nombreuses fonctionnalités étendues, tandis que GenyMotion vous facture un montant annuel.
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À propos de Campground Tycoon

Have you ever dreamed of being a campground tycoon?

Camping is one of the most popular outdoor recreational activities in the world. People spend billions of dollars a year on camping and camping-related products. For businessman, starting a campground would be a lucrative business. For campers, it’s a great chance to escape the daily grind and hit the great outdoors.

Campground Tycoon is a management game where the players scale their campsites by constructing recreational areas, improving facilities, managing staff, and set profit mechanisms for each district. We hope that players will feel like a real camper immersing into nature in this game and at the same time gain a sense of growth and achievement by casting them as a campground manager to give every camper an enjoyable stay.

Build Campsite and Improve Facilities
Utilizing your every piece of land reasonably to satisfy the needs of campers. You can divide the campground into recreation area, living area and staff area. Construct the recreational areas with water park, RV and tent area and open cinema, diversify the campground by adding picnic stall, fishing booth and trampoline. In living area, some facilities are necessary, such as toilets, bathrooms and laundry rooms, water and electricity piles. For better service, don’t treat your staff poorly, you have to build staff room for rest. in addition, you can increase your income by developing side business, such as camp rentals, picnic shop, souvenir shop.

Hire Service or Managerial Personnel
Whether it’s the recreational area, living area or staff area, cashier, security guard and cleaners are needed to keep the campground a good condition. The cashier is to facilitate reservation and operations and finances. The cleaner is to clean campsites and fire ring after guests check out, while the security guard is to patrol and monitor activity day and night to guarantee guests’ safety. You can also determine whether to hire a campground manager, senior supervisor, or senior general manager based on your budget and marketing strategy. It might cost you some money though, you may have 24-hour offline income in turn.

Maximize Your Revenue
Set the fees for your campground business. From the parking lot at the entrance to the souvenir shop out of the park, you can charge fees all over the campground, such as parking fees, camp gear renting, laundry fee, ship renting and earn money from sidelines such as picnic booth, souvenir shop, etc.

Play Campground Tycoon, collect postcards. There are more campsites waiting for you to explore!

-Cutting-edge game design and stunning 3d graphics
-Idle casual game-Save time
-Take your investment and management decision
-Various scenes and facilities

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